Broccoli Sprouts Help Prevent Cancer

Reuters Health By Alison McCook Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables contain substances that morph into isothiocyanates, which research suggests may fight cancer. To investigate further, study author.

Dr. Steven Schwartz and his colleagues at Ohio State University in Columbus, added isothiocyanates from broccoli sprouts to different lines of bladder cancer cells. As a result, they “saw a decrease in the growth of the cells,” Schwartz noted, particularly in one cell line that is known to spread quickly throughout the body. “Schwartz noted that broccoli sprouts appear to carry a higher concentration of isothiocyanates than full-grown broccoli, which suggests sprouts may be even better for the body. “Broccoli sprouts are rich in one class of cancer protecting agents. This family of compounds or agents induce the activity of a particular class of enzymes called phase 2 enzymes. These are enzymes that assist in getting rid of or detoxifying many cancer causing chemicals in the body and increase the level of a particularly important metabolite called glutathione.

As a consequence cells in the body are protected against various harmful events such as carcinogenesis, mutagenesis and other forms of toxicity and oxidative damage.” ******* “There is strong evidence that just two or three tablespoons of broccoli sprouts a day can help prevent breast cancer, gastric cancer, and other diseases.” Dole Nutrition News Story

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