Diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease

Improved health-relevant functionality in dark germinated Mucuna pruriens (Fava Bean) sprouts by elicitation with peptide and phytochemical elicitors. OE enhanced Parkinson’s disease-relevant L-DOPA content by 33% on day 1 compared to control sprouts.

Anti-diabetes-relevant alpha-amylase inhibition percent (AIP) and alpha-glucosidase inhibition percent (GIP) were high in the cotyledons and decreased following elicitation and sprouting. For potential anti-diabetic applications, low AIP and high GIP with moderate L-DOPA content on day 4 of dark germination could be optimal.

Improved L-DOPA concentrations in a soluble phenolic and antioxidant-rich M. pruriens background on day 1 sprouts have potential for Parkinson’s disease management.

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